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Offering Simple HR Solutions for the Most Complex People Problems

Human Resources can feel daunting

 when you’re ‘wearing many hats’ as a business owner and it’s not your area of expertise.  It may not be Your priority, but you know it is A priority in order to have a successful, profitable business. And let’s face it, things are going fine until they aren’t, which is why a reactive approach to HR doesn’t work. 

LIHR Consulting helps small to medium size business owners in all aspects of HR.  Whether providing guidance on how to legally handle difficult employee conversations, writing an employee handbook or developing an onboarding process, I offer a broad range of services to my clients.  With over 15 years of experience in partnering with business owners like yourself, I will not only support you in navigating the unexpected, but I will also collaborate with you in creating an engaging, high-performing culture.

You didn’t go into business because you are an HR guru…but I did.  If your current HR strategy involves avoiding eye contact with ‘problem’ employees or writing an offer letter out on a napkin, you may benefit from my services.

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